Refire instead of Retire (Redefine your purpose after disruptions in your corporate life)

As the name suggests, the retreat will be action-packed and the motto “Refire” will literally accompany us throughout the retreat. The retreat has the potential to open up new opportunities for you to find a new purpose for your professional life, to design the strategies on how to implement your dream and thus creating the next phase joyfully and meaningfully by effectively bringing your “signature strengths” where your heart and your passion are. Together with motivating, inspiring fellow travellers on this journey into the unknown, you define, create and finally live a new reality. Ideally, the community of the group and Pontresina as a place of strength will lure us out of our comfort zones in a constructive way so that relevant, sustainable and innovative solutions will be developed that will bring about striking changes in your professional and private life.

Feedback, encouragement and input from the other participants are an important and central element of this retreat. You become part of an inspirational and supportive community that accompanies you on your journey. You may even gain new partners for entrepreneurial ventures or courageous developments as well as clarity and confirmation of your greatest strengths and skills.

Key Take Aways

  • A jointly developed vision and clarity for your next phase
  • Increased motivation to tackle the necessary steps in implementing your objectives
  • Encouragement to make it happen and confidence to succeed
  • More focus on what counts and is relevant for you in creating a fulfilling professional life
  • A conscious transition from fulfilling expectations of others to designing and owning your life: Become the captain of your ship and the master of your destiny! (Nelson Mandela).
  • Contacts and support for implementing your objectives
  • Various proven methods and models that breed success
  • An encouraging platform to share your vision and purpose