Run to reconnect

People often associate the term mindfulness with yoga or meditation, which is absolutely right, but not definitive. Anyone who has been running for a while has certainly noticed that running not only has a positive effect on physical fitness but also on mental strength, which in turn is a central aspect of a holistic quality of life. Being clear about our own motivations, emotions and intentions helps us in every situation in life and gives us balance, strength, and inner peace.
Urban Gurus is dedicated to addressing these issues, and for this reason we have designed a unique body-centered retreat for you based on our own enthusiasm for trail running: Run to Reconnect. But just running – that would be a bit too one-sided, and for this reason we cordially invite you to our trail running retreat in the beautiful Engadine valley that takes place from June 16th to June 19th, 2022.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Continue to improve your own mindfulness through trail running, increasing your holistic connection to yourself
  • Re-learning to forget about anything that causes stress or pressure and re-focus on being and living more in the here and now
  • You program your body to shut down. So you can recharge your batteries and be the best, most creative version of yourself. And not only when running, but also in everyday life
  • A better understanding of one’s own consciousness and the mental processes involved
  • To further boost your own whole-body fitness or use the retreat as a kickoff to do so

For further information please find attached the detailed program.

Refire instead of retire

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