The Awareness Edge Retreat (the new frontier of self-realization)

We have the great pleasure to offer you a very special retreat together with Diego Hangartner, who has been co-operating with the Dalai Lama for over 30 years and thus has gained a high level of spiritual competence after initially having studied pharmacology. You now have the unique possibility to access the multiple benefits of the old Tibetan techniques of meditation so that you can apply them in your daily life. Diego is a teacher second to none to not only teach you an optimal method, but also to share the latest scientific, neurological research that proves the effectiveness of meditation. You will experience the power of stillness and work on the essence that is the foundation of innovation, resilience, attention-focussing, health, purpose and ultimately happiness.

Together with motivating and inspiring fellow travellers you will experience your “Awareness Journey”, building relevant and sustainable competences that may lead to significant transformations in your private and professional life.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Increased awareness on what you need for your wellbeing in your daily life
  • Clarity regarding your life-vision
  • Heightened motivation for the successful implementation of your life’s goals
  • New insights, competences and methods regarding meditation and its application
  • A positive attitude and increased capability to focus your attention and to concentrate
  • The ability to influence your own consciousness and the related mental processes
  • The possibility to mentally thrive and to reach more resilience and equanimity


Awareness Edge Retreat

«For me this was the first time that concepts, theory and scientific evidence about the effectiveness of meditation was meaningfully combined with personal experience through practising. Phenomenal retreat! Highly recommended for leaders of our time.”


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