Turn growth into thriving


We convert the speak of purpose and consciousness into solutions. We are deeply convinced that a life and work ethics based on the attitude of serving all stakeholders and developing high levels of inclusiveness, gratitude and consciousness would lead to more happiness and superior results for all.

Our own purpose is to focus on these topics for the benefit of companies and leaders alike, thus creating an increased level of self-awareness, responsibility, fairness and alignment.

Seeing leaders and companies intensely passionate for what they engage in and achieving results beyond what has been thought possible fills us with joy and gives us great fulfilment.


League of leading ladies conference 2019

“What will you do if nobody tells you what to do? – The quest of the urban guru”. Workshop by Christina Kuenzle and Christian Haas at the LEAGUE OF LEADING LADIES CONFERENCE 2019.

“Für Vision und Purpose braucht es Freiheitsgrade”. Interview mit Christina Kuenzle auf moneycab.com

Es ist die gefürchtetste aller Fragen: «What’s the purpose behind our mission?» Wenn sie gut geklärt ist, sind Mitarbeitende nachhaltig engagierter, ist das Kundenerlebnis ein anderes und wird die Kundenbindung gesteigert. Und es hat einen positiven Effekt auf die Erfolgsrechnung.