The retreat was an open and warm exchange between special individuals who follow their own ways that don’t necessarily correspond to standard career paths.

Dr. Karen J. Huebscher, CEO Solvias AG, Board Member TECAN – Solvias AG, 16.02.2020

Awareness Edge Retreat
«For me this was the first time that concepts, theory and scientific evidence about the effectiveness of meditation was meaningfully combined with personal experience through practising. Phenomenal retreat! Highly recommended for leaders of our time.”

Stefan Mühlemann, Founder & Chairman, Loanboox, 31.08.2020

«A truly exceptional network of professionals from very different backgrounds who share similar values and beliefs – and, often enough, similar experiences and challenges – even though they have never met before. Exciting and enriching.”

Wolfgang Wandhoven, Chief Financial Officer, Sanitas, 31.08.2020

What impressed me is how quickly one develops trust with each other and how much one can learn from the varied paths and mindsets of participants.

Désirée von Michaelis, Credit Suisse, Head Wealth Planning, 20.12.2019

The Urban Gurus team enabled me to discuss current and relevant topics in a safe setting, with the group acting as sparring partner and supporter to find solutions.

Stephan Gautschi, COO, Open Systems, 05.10.2019