For Urban Gurus

Inspired hikes

In times, when events tumble, proven strategies fail, beloved habits fall away and facts that were taken for granted either dissolve or get lost in some other way, we need new skills, flexibility, agility, intuition and trust. Above all, we need “Response-Ability” to appropriately react to what wants to emerge and to capture what might evolve. “Creative walks and inspired hikes” let you discover the emerging future and glimpses of chances.

To facilitate this process, we have designed a novel format of intervention: hiking together with an Urban Guru: Christian, Oliver or Christina! According to the present “Zeitgeist”, there is neither an agenda, nor a price, nor a goal, and certainly no plan. Everything evolves out of the moment, just by itself. For a change, the surroundings are real instead of virtual: the beautiful mountainous landscape of the Engadin – how could it be otherwise! Together, we set out for a creative walk for one and a half days. Hiking, listening to our own intuition, letting thoughts and feelings arise without censoring them, practicing introspection, paying attention to synchronicities, exchange what comes up or walking in silence, letting ourselves be touched by nature, is all part of what is allowed to happen. The conversations might circle around generating novel ideas, discovering new opportunities, fighting roadblocks and fears, working through grief or whatever comes up. Together with your companion, you may discuss any topics that are currently relevant to you. At best, you will have gained new insights and/or tangible ideas for moving forward after this experience. The Engadin, a magical place of inspiration and source of strength, combined with the physical activity of hiking will do the rest.

The programme could look like this: You and your guide-companion choose a day on which you wish to arrive in Pontresina. Late in the afternoon, we shall set out for a walk enjoying the sunset and roughly outlining your key topics. We might have a picknick-dinner outdoors under the starry sky. Your dreams, during the night, might give you hints on what could be a hidden agenda that could also be addressed. The following morning, we shall set out for a hike, tailored to your fitness, your intentions and your preferences. The one and a half days are very personal, very individual and very spontaneous: What comes up will be discussed, what you take away is up to you. What is of value to you, you might implement afterwards, the rest remains as a memory in the Engadin. Full confidentiality is granted of course.

Returning at home, you decide what this experience is worth to you, there is no set price. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you so that we can book the corresponding sunny days (usually there are always plenty in stock in the Engadin). ?